Beach Sloth 5/21/15
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review

"With “La Belle Epoque” HeadShy prove themselves to be master practitioners  of chamber pop."  

The Austin Chronicle 1/2/2015
Critics Choice

Best New Local Act by Michael Toland

Tour Worthy 12/2/2014

Most Underrated Releases of the Year

The Big Takeover Magazine 5/31/2014
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review 
Spring Issue #74 Page 106
By Marcel Feldmar

Just Off The Radar 3/11/14
WUGA NPR Athens & NE Georgia

IndieRoar 3-10-14

WHUS 91.7FM 2-25-14
Storrs, CT
Studio A add and review

"Well crafted collection of three distinct Eps 1) mellow, somber soft rock 2) more effects on guitars & prominent bass 3) full on moody psych rock"


The Aquarian Weekly 2-24-14
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review 

"Through deep imagery and metaphor, HeadShy have produced a debut that, while very long at 69 minutes, manages to unite completely different songwriting directions under one roof. Each section is drastically different from the others, but through expert craftsmanship they are brought together into something as tasty as peanut butter and jelly."

Just Off The Radar 2-17 -14
WUGA NPR Radio Athens & NE Georgia

The Light That Guides The Blind


CJSW  2-17-14
The New Classics  Radio- Calgary, Canada

Canadian Debut:

DOA (Delusions of Adequacy) 2-10-14


Mike Armstrong 1-30-14
Professor of Communication/Film
Tallahassee, FL Community College

"Best HeadShy Social Media Comment"

#5 on WVFS Radio in Tallahassee, FL

Sound & Vision Mexico 1/26

Coma Video Premier Mexico


KDHX 1/24
Song of the Day:

The Light That Guides The Blind
Austin, Texas' HeadShy packs up its R.E.M. and Primal Scream record collection and heads for dreamier pop terrain on "The Light That Guides the Blind."

The Fire Note 1/22
Coma Video Premier U.S.

The Absolute 1/20
The Light That Guides The Blind Review

"With jangly guitars, simple chord progressions, and loads of reverb, “The Light That Guides The Blind” shines bright."

The Mad Makerel 1/19
Introducing HeadShy

"...just immerse yourself into the airy, space-rock drift, aural psychedelia and ambient dream-pop stylings that make up this intriguing release."


PopMatters 1/16
The Light That Guides The Blind - Premier & Review

"On the dreamy, spacey "The Light That Guides the Blind", HeadShy shows a knack for finding something soulful in the midst of a vast soundscape."

McKeesport Daily News, PA 1/16
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review 

"There’s a lot to like about “La Belle Epoque,” the atmo-spheric release from indie quartet HeadShy.

The Horn 1/14
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review 

"Epoque is a special record made by a special band that’s not interested in following the mold, but rather creating their own."

Striker Bill 1/13
Quick Strike - Review







Magnet Magazine 1/10
What Record Are You Most Looking Forward To Next Week Poll.






Avante Garage 1/9/14
12 Word Reviews

Beats Per Minute - 12/16/13
Review Coma

" The song develops into an elaborate and often grandiose exercise in how to put together a song for maximum effect.  Each piece builds on its musical antecedent in a way that never diminishes each individual piece but allows the song to gain strength from its composite parts. "

Ghettoblaster Magazine 12/7/13
From The Horse's Mouth - Interview

Magnet Magazine 11/25/13
MP3 At 3PM

Emix! Radio 11/27/13

The Vinyl District 11/11/13
TVD's Press Play

Mr. Kind – Patience
Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Born Cages Remix)
HeadShy – Coma (The Heart Chord)

Insomnia Radio UK 11/10/13

Faded Glamour UK 11/10/13

The Cropper   ‏11/6/13

"Imagine if Tom from ’500 Days of Summer’ had grown up in the aughts instead of the 80s, and had missed the boat on “sad British pop music.” Instead, HeadShy might be his favorite band. "


Vents Magazine 11/5/15

My Old Kentucky Blog 11/5/13
MKOB On Sirius XMU Blog Radio

Here’s the playlist from today’s My Old Kentucky Blog Radio on SIRIUS XMUChannel 35!"
HeadShy – Coma




Vinyl Magazine 11/5/13

  My Old Kentucky Blog - Coma Premier and Review

 My Old Kentucky Blog - Coma Premier and Review

My Old Kentucky Blog   ‏11/4/13
Coma Premiere

"The track is beautifully subdued with the vocals providing menacing appeal."  Click on image or link for full review and to listen to Coma. 

HEADSHY/La Belle Époque (Triple EP): This Austin crew is really more taken with 70s Eno than they are 1890s French whores. Taking Eno's atmospherics as a starting point and adding vibes from various trance and pre-trance modes, this is intellectual trip hop for white college kids trying to hold on from now to spring term. A solid bet for the soundtrack of the times when you just don't feel like getting over it.

Midwest Record 10/29/13
La Belle Epoque - Triple EP Review